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"We loved thinking of fun things that had happened to us for Lobby's song..."

"and hearing the song for the first time at the wedding, and listening to it and having lots of reminders since (we now frequently get post for 'Lola Gorgonzola', our dog). It was unique and personal, and a special part of the day.

It was also the perfect way to shift from the more formal part of the day to people letting their hair down a bit."

- Tasia and Simon, married in 2023


"Lobby wrote a beautiful song for our wedding"

"It was inspired by short stories / snippets we provided. We were lucky enough to have Lobby and his wife, Jeany, to perform live on our wedding day.


They were amazing, and the lyrics were so meaningful."

- Lauren and Dan, married in 2023


"Absolutely in love with the incredible, heartfelt and super personal song from Lobby & family"

"First heard it when it was played as a surprise on our wedding day, and brought huge smiles to our faces and tears to ours eyes. Now we can put it on, and it transports us back to that magical day

Thank you so much!"

- Josh and Alex, married in 2022

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"Lobby Robinson and his wife Jeany performed at our wedding"

"and could truly have been called the life and soul of the celebrations. They were immediately engaging and got people dancing late into the night  creating the perfect atmosphere.

They even joined in a jamming session with other musicians.  We can’t recommend them highly enough."

- Jo and Tom, married in 2016

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"I can’t recommend Lobby highly enough!"

"For my wedding 2 years ago, he wrote a song that was personal to us, taking time to get some little fun tidbits of info on us and weaving the whole song around it.

Not only that, he then performed it for us at the wedding as well! It’s still talked about now as one of the highlights! Ask him about the song ‘Cumbrian man & Tracey from the office’.....

I’d highly recommend it to anyone, as it’s something really personal, to have a song written especially for you!"

-Tracey and Ben, married in 2017


"Lobby was the perfect singer for our beautiful French wedding"

"He is so talented and our guests loved him. Lobby and Tilly’s rendition of our favourite song, Every River by Runrig, brought tears to my eyes, it was so lovely!

Highly recommended"
-Emily and Graeme, married in 2016
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"“How incredibly moving it was..."

"...to walk down the aisle to hear for the first time the most special, personal song written and performed by Lobby. It was just perfect, a reflection of me and Andrew on the best day of our lives. It was spoken about for a long time after and every time we play it it reminds us of that amazing day...and I can’t help but shed a little tear.

I cannot thank Lobby enough for this wonderful, unique gift."

-Tamara and Andrew, married in 2011


"Lobby performed at our wedding ceremony and was absolutely perfect."

"He composed a song about my husband and I which we still listen to, every year, on our anniversary. It meant so much to us to have the story of how we met set to music.

Lobby has a wonderful voice and is a talented musician. He is also kind and has a wonderful sense of humour. I highly recommend him."

-Hannah and Paco, married in 2010


"Lobby Robinson has a fabulous voice, is a very good guitarist, and has written some fantastic songs over the years."

"Most of all he is a lot of fun and never fails to make the audience feel they are an important part of the performance."

-John Lockwood, Bassist in 'Harry and the Cats'

"Lobby is a talented singer songwriter..."

"...in the style of Van Morrison but with far more charisma and charm... a delight to listen to."

-Sarah Joy

"When Lobby weaves a story..."

"...with his words and music I close my eyes and smile."

-Virpi Kettu: Award-winning animator, director and digital artist (Wallace and Gromit, Radiohead, Father John Misty, Katy Perry)